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Let Me Tell You A Story...

Have you ever read a visual novel? Well, I suppose, you have. If you are not a fan, then maybe you've seen plenty of them, anime-themed, featuring scantily clad Japanese schoolgirls. If you are a fan, then... well, the majority of visual novels are like that, and this is a brutal truth.

Still, there are people who are not looking for yet another 'eroge' game, but are eager to read a captivating story. Or, occasionally, take part in one.
A chase scene (demo)

A number of factors contributed to our wish to create our very own visual novel 'with blackjack and hookers', namely, some pairs of crafty hands, a bit of game making experience and skills, and, most of all, a creative will. Putting all these assets together, we've decided that the best way to reach our players would be to tell the story in a visual novel format.

So, what is our novel about? It is a wild mix of everything we love so sincerely: bikes, postapocaliptic world, hot rods, Full Throttle, Mad Max series, Fallout 1 & 2, the romance of the road coupled with the adrenaline of the pursuit and seasoned with rusty metal. Still, all these elements are just the backdrop for a Story--a Story of searching for one's true self in a vast world. A Story we wish to tell you.

Having played a number of visual novels, we have made note of their main genre feature--low interactivity, which seemed to us really off-putting. Since everyone in our team grew up on a diet of old-school adventure games, story-rich RPGs, interactive fiction and such, we wanted to put all these things into a visual novel, which we haven't seen there before.
Chase scene sketches from the archives (demo)
If you want to do something well, you have to like what you are doing. That's why we have made the simplest decision: to make a game we want to play. So brace yourself for a uniquely self-styled visual novel!

The players won't have to swim clumsily along the plot, they will make decisions, take initiative and influence the game world around them--much more often than in conventional visual novels.

Gameplay-wise, we will not limit ourselves or the players to clicking through the text with some multiple-choise branches. There will be episodes, where you will have to apply point'n'click techniques, looking for interactive hotspots on the screen!

Well, and the boldest of all, we decided not to make yet another anime-styled novel, though we perfectly understand that we are going to lose a large chunk of potential audience this way. To make it clear, none of us finds the graphic art of the Land of the Rising Sun repulsive, quite on the contrary. But this story, we think, will be better told in western style. So, hopefully, our players will find us.

And there will be girls, too! We wouldn't leave them out, would we?..
Chase scene sketches from the archives (demo)

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